Design + Renovations of 100 years old factory into a single family house

Architectural design + Construction of 3000 square foot conversion of factory into a single family home.

North Center

2flat conversion into singe family residence

Design + Construction

3936 N. Lincoln Ave
Design + Renovationn

Design and complete interior renovations of 5000 sq.ft apartment

Gold coast 6000sq/ft home Design and Renovations

Design + Construction

West Town
Design + Complete Gut Renovation

Complete redesign and gut renovations of 2 flat into single family house. 3000square feet.

Design + Construction – 3113 N. Lincoln Ave

Architectural and Interior Design of 4000 sq.ft Spa and Relaxation center

Skokie New Construction

Construction + Interior Design 6000 sq.ft

NAKOMAL Jewelry  Michigan Ave

Design + Construction

Architectural  Design – Glen Ellyn

Architectural design for complete renovation of 3300 sq/ft  home with a new second floor addition.