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The perfect space

achieves a

delicate balance...

captures the



personal style...

and enhances


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MB Design & Build: Distinctive Interior design, quality building and construction throughout Chicago. MB Design of Chicago integrates creative interior design with quality construction for complete home renovation; kitchen, bath, living and work-space remodeling.     

At MB Design & Build we design for harmony and balance. Our extensive interior design experience enables our clients to visualize design ideas. Our personable approach ensures that our clients are comfortable and confident in our vision, talent and follow-through. From concept to creation we manage the process step-by-step with you as an active partner to achieve your design dreams.  At MB Design & Build we manage and control all phases of the design and construction process to avoid costly delays and interruptions.  Our work is guaranteed and our professional contractors are licensed and insured.


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Q: I have a small bathroom that I I would like to expand…how difficult is this?
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Deck, Patios

Q: Should I replace my old wood decking with the newer plastic materials that I see in magazines? read More…

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Fireplaces, Built-ins

Q: I want to get rid of my current boxy dated gas fireplace and replace it with something more modern? Any ideas? read More…

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Home Remodeling

Q: I’m considering making changes to a new home I bought. I have some ideas but don’t know what is possible and how much it  might  cost.  What is the best way …read More…

What Makes MB Design Different?

We provide complete design and construction services under one roof. I like to meet with potential clients, get their feeling for what they want to accomplish, what are their expectations…get to know them on a level that allows me to develop honest two-way  communications. I personally manage a design and construction team of professionals. I have more than a decade of extensive experience in construction and project management and specialized training in architecture and design.

Our Process

At MB DESIGN AND BUILD we go beyond “remodeling.” We create and transform your living and working space into the perfect space…a space that reflects your personal style and aesthetic…a space that is balanced within its surroundings, a space that enhances functionality and stimulates the imagination. Our process is simple and straightforward and always directed toward revealing and bringing to life your design ideas and goals. We believe that success is the result of good communications with you and my professional construction and design team and we strive to encourage and maintain positive two-way communications.

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